Ten signs you’ve outgrown your job

Some people want to fly like eagles. Other people want to burrow like prairie dogs. You need to fly with eagles! You have gifts and talents the world has yet to see. Why not let them shine?

Here are ten signs you’ve outgrown your job:

1. Projects and activities that used to excite you now bore you. You’ve done the same things so many times that there’s no challenge in them anymore.

2. When you look ahead at your goals for 2018 you can’t see anything intellectually stimulating or creatively satisfying on your agenda. In other words, there’s nothing in your job to look forward to.

3. People ask you for advice on how to get things done at work, but you have no one to ask for advice. You’d love to know the answer to questions like “How can I enlarge my role to have more influence on the company’s results?” or “What are the major strategic priorities for the firm in 2018 and I how can I help us reach them?” but no one wants to have those conversations.

4. You find yourself looking at the clock constantly, hoping the work day is almost over.

5. You know you can contribute more to your employer or some other organization than your current job allows you to do.

6. You propose ideas and projects and they always get shot down.

7. You don’t see anyone around you at work who inspires or whom you can look up to and learn from.

8. You dream or daydream about cool, out-of-the-box things you could be doing but your job doesn’t allow you to do any of them — and at this point you’re afraid to even mention them.

9. You’ve learned not to say anything that would startle or alarm your coworkers but the effort to stay in your little box is killing you.

10. When you listen, you can hear your trusty gut screaming “This is not the place for you anymore!”

Mother Nature is tapping you on the shoulder to say “Move on!”

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