I own the world

Be aware
Do not change your path
I know all your secrets
And my wings are bigger than me
All roads have
I created
From my eye
The sun appears
With darkness is it the best friend
And only sometimes
When i spread my wings
I understand that though
I own the world

In one breath for a one breath
Sun with the dark
Is kissing deep inside of me
And only sometimes
When i close my wings
I know that though
I own the world


Loco, that you are the spirit of wind

Carry me like a butterfly

To fertilize flower

Of all the pollen

I will give you the best

And if it happend to me to dry

You will drown me

Into the water in the temple.

Loco, ghost of wind

I will hold the promise

Carry me around the world …

Sing me a song

I’ve always wanted to write

Give me a vision

Of sleeping prophet

And the illusion

Of blue smoke

Help me to see

Make me go to the beginning

Days of innocence

The first and last

False memory of past life

Tell me advice

For the other side of amulets

When the devil persuades

Smile in his face

Loco, ghost of wind

Make me see the invisible

Give me a talisman

For each sign of the universe


The reality is melting
in front of my eyes
Once I also will be
Ashes to ashes
I pray for the world
I have created
With the words I never said
People  around me are tired
They force me
To hear

Voices from the darkness

Yo rezo

Y voy a dormir